IES Ingénierie

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We have seven years of experience of audits in explosive atmospheres. Our staff members are trained and certified “ISM-ATEX level 2” by the government body INERIS (Institut National de l’EnviRonnement industriel et des Risques – National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks).

Engineering studies and technical support

Engineering studies and technical support

Our engineering department has over 40 engineers and technicians, who are experts
in the following fields:

  • High-voltage/low-voltage electrical systems
  • Automation and supervision
  • Instrumentation and regulation
  • Low current
  • Renewable energy

Technical support to industry

Our staff:
  • High/low-voltage electrical engineers
  • Instrumentation experts
  • Work supervisors and planners
  • Automation engineers and programmers
  • IT developers
  • Engineers specialising in industrial vision and quality inspections
  • HSE experts and inspectors
  • Logistics experts (SAP support)
  • Coordinators and process planners for engineering management and other units
  • Cost controllers
  • Technical secretaries

Administrative technical support

Over 20 staff are SAP experts for technical support roles:
  • Checking transport invoices
  • Hotline
  • Load checking
  • Planning
  • Logging manufacturing orders
  • Monitoring pallet flow
  • Support for inventories and material balances